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The project consists of 108 fully-serviced hotel units on an area of 2000 square meters, including a private beach, swimming pools, landscape, gym, restaurants, security. The project is located inside Mirage Bay Aqua Park Hotel near Hurghada International Airport.


Majra (Under Construction)

The project consists of 308 hotel units on an area of 1500 square meters with a distinctive design and an exceptional vision which guarantees a unique sea view for more than 95% of the units. The project includes all the essential and recreational services from a private sandy beach, swimming pools, landscape, gym, restaurants, Aqua Center for marine sports, diving center, underground garage, security.


Harmont Project (New Capital)

Building design is no longer dependent on creating functional spaces only, it became a powerful tool for creating extraordinary qualities of a certain place and structures with social and environmental impact for a better future of the built environment. Harmont Tower is a huge integrated and comprehensive real estate complex with a distinctive design that allows the maximum amount of natural light to enter and provides a complete view of the main street and front gardens. The structure of the tower is divided based on the distinctive design to provide two modes of operation, quiet work areas at the top and public green floors and social spaces below. This achieves the vision of the Harmont Tower as an architectural anchor and a leisure destination at the same time.


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